Hello, readers!

I’ve been on hiatus for a while. Academics has gotten the best of me. I haven’t worked on any new poems. I am, however, working on a play and a short story. Playwriting is new territory for me, but I’m motivated to finish it. It’s a one-act play and it’s heavily based on a recent experience. I’m hoping I may get a sense of closure through finishing this piece. Not sure if I should post it here since the format for plays makes them really long (as of now, I’m 24 pages in).

As for the short story, this is the 2nd one I’m writing and I’m working on it through paragraphs. Progress has been much slower. Just really writing out ideas before decide what to keep in its final form. I got inspiration for this short story from Ursula Le Guin’s ‘The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,’ but it has a darker and more ironic sense of humor, since I’m trying to capture a similar tone as my favorite author, Stephen King. I can definitely post this one once it’s done.

While I’m still working on my fiction, I’ll probably post another one of my dad’s photos soon. (I’ve actually been running out of ideas for titles of the photos, but I’ve lasted this long, might as well trudge through the process).

See you!


Iz been a long time

Hello, readers!

It’s been 5 months since I’ve posted any new material. Sorry bout that. It’s becoming more and more difficult for me to write with all my academic and extracurricular activities.

The reason why I’m making a post right is because I have new material hehehe. Well, a single poem. I started it last year with a very clear idea in my mind, but near the end of the year, responsibilities prevented me from finishing it. When 2017 came, the break before the 2nd semester gave me an opportunity to try to finish it; but as I read through the draft, I couldn’t understand where I was trying to go.

It took a lot of effort to complete but I think I needed to finish it (even without the original inspiration) as an exercise after not having written for so long. The best writers always believed in writing frequently if one wants to be better at it.

I will be posting it within the week. Until then, I hope you enjoy your existence! 🙂